Project Manager

We’re looking for a capable project manager to join The Scale Factory team. Projects at the Scale Factory cover a range of sizes and industries, with a focus around delivering tailored and value-matched AWS Cloud infrastructure. You’ll be responsible for the organisation, delivery, and quality management of the projects run by the Scale Factory, and for maintaining ongoing relationships with our customers.

In this role you will:

  • Build and hold the relationship with our customers
  • Lead discussions around requirements and scoping
  • Manage all project stages - on-boarding, ramp up, delivery, communication, handover and off-boarding
  • Work with the team to set the agenda for Delivery and Design sessions with customers and facilitate those discussions
  • Agree the project plan and deliverables with the Scale Factory Technical Lead and Customer
  • Create and maintain project documentation
  • Ongoing monitoring of projects including the facilitation of collaboration and tracking success
  • Running project rituals (stand ups, retrospectives etc)
  • Ensuring the profitability of fixed price projects
  • Managing the project closure process and working with the sales team to get feedback and testimonials
  • Coaching the team on project organisation and communication
  • Developing team skills and feeding into the formal staff review process

This is a dynamic role, and requires a Project Manager that can think on their feet, deal with potential chaos, while also being able to effectively plan and deliver on that plan. You will not always have the opportunity to prepare in depth ahead of time, since the creation of the project plan and deliverables is often done in collaboration with our technical team and the Customer team. You will be at the forefront of our communication with customers, as well as a driving force for progress and improvement within the team.

We don’t expect you to have AWS specific experience, but you will need enough project management experience to be able to hit the ground running, as well as enough of an understanding of Dev/Ops processes to be able to follow the project progress at a high level. If you’re familiar with terms like: Front end, UAT, Infrastructure as code, Deployment Pipelines, Sandbox, Production; and generally understand where they sit in the Dev/Ops landscape then you should do fine. You won’t be implementing the technologies, but you do need to generally understand them enough to speak with Customers about their goals and help the Scale Factory team prioritise. As part of your first few months with us, we’ll build your understanding of the AWS Cloud.

Here are some of the benefits of working with us.

We’re friendly and inclusive, so if you have the skills and the experience, please apply no matter your age, gender, race, sexuality, religion, or physical ability.