Hiring Project + Account Manager at UX Cabin

UX Cabin Remote

We're looking for an Account / Project manager hybrid that will help us manage our current set of clients, and make sure that their projects run smoothly.


  • Coordination and completion of projects on time within budget and within scope (duh).
  • Oversee all aspects of projects. Who's scheduled to be working on it, if they have enough capacity, what they're blocked by, what the next steps are, etc. (we use Harvest to track time and Harvest forecast to plan our time)
  • Set deadlines, assign responsibilities and monitor and summarize progress of project. (Our PM tool of choice is Notion — our clients sometimes opt for jira, asana, or trello)
  • Prepare reports for team leads and clients regarding status of project.

Must Haves:

  • You must have a keen understanding of how design and development processes work in a product design environment.
  • How handoffs between design and developers should go, where the difference lies between front-end development and backend developer, and who is responsible for each piece.
  • How to pull out information from developers (and clients) who would rather not be on this sprint planning call.

You might be a good fit if...

  • You're a people person, but like to get to the point. You know exactly what needs to get done, you just have to put the right people in place and make sure things get done on time.
  • When things don't go as planned, you adapt, pivot and put a new plan together.
  • You know when to schedule a meeting and when to send a slack/email.
  • Meetings without agendas or a clear purpose piss you off.
  • You're very responsive — even if it's just to acknowledge that you've seen something, but won't be able to attend to it until later.
  • You don't let things fall through the cracks. You're organized and help others on the team organize their work.
  • You hold people accountable for what they commit to. If someone drops the ball you don't let them off the hook, but at the same time, you're not a jerk about it.

Core Functions

  • Deliver successful projects for our clients and internal projects
  • Continuously seek out ways to improve the processes, practice, and culture of how we run our projects and deliver work
  • Managing large and diverse teams
  • Conduct regular status meetings with point persons from relevant teams to assure the coordination of all projects is up-to-date and clearly communicated
  • Assist in planning and execution for design and development projects and initiatives
  • Establish a clear scheme of delivery. Decide who needs to see the work, and when.
  • Budgeting. How much running a design team costs, and why.
  • Ability to review design and dev work and point out inconsistencies between the two.
  • Strong skills with scrum agile project management, sprint cycles, reviews, grooming, etc.
  • Be point of contact with customers and liaise between them and internal teams
  • Forecast and track key account metrics
  • Make sure our team looks GREAT to our clients

Our current tool stack

  • Slack for daily chat
  • Zoom for video meetings
  • Figma for design
  • Notion for project management, project wiki, assets & documentation.
  • Harvest for time tracking & Invoicing + Forecast for resource allocation
  • Gmail for...email

Some tools our clients use that you'd need to be familiar with

  • Jira
  • Microsoft office
  • Google docs

Why would you want to work with UX Cabin?

We've got some of the most talented people on the planet designing fantastic software and we want someone who can help us wrangle all of our projects and keep us on track!

Bonus Points

  • Familiarity and/skill with Figma
  • Eye for design ability to provide light creative direction or design critique
  • Familiarity with Notion